Where You Can Learn How to Cite a Dissertation APA Online

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The Best Way to Know How to Cite a Dissertation APA

As you very well know, a dissertation/ thesis is a complex and lengthy writing assignment that students are expected to complete as a requirement for a degree or diploma certification. Among the conditions that you are supposed to fulfill is the correct presentation of citations and bibliography lists. This is an area that provides many challenges for students all over the world, thus the need for complete guides about the various writing styles and how to present citations and references in the text.
A standard style of writing that is common among students is the APA style for which the guidelines are outlined in the APA formatting and style guide. APA stands for the American Psychological Association which was designed for use in behavioral and social science subjects to provide uniformity and ease communication and comprehension of academic papers. The formatting and writing guide clearly outlines the guidelines for use with APA dissertation format, they include:
The dissertation should be written on a standard A4 size paper
Content should be double spaced (2.0) throughout the thesis
All around the dissertation content, there should be a 1-inch margin
The dissertation should have 6 major sections, i.e., title page, abstract, the introduction, dissertation body, conclusion, and the APA reference dissertation
Use a legible and clear font (12 pt., Times New Roman)
The title page should have a running head (maximum 50 characters, including punctuation and spaces)
You should use in-text dissertation citation APA to acknowledge the contributors of external sources of information within your dissertation
The above list is a brief overview of what your paper should look like at first glance. However, you should also focus on other APA style dissertation guidelines such as page numbering, paper length as well as heading formatting and placement. Since the APA style of writing is commonly used for science-oriented fields, it requires students to put across their points briefly and straightforwardly. There is no need to pamper the reader with unnecessary fluff.
Also, in the case of the APA citation dissertation style, you are expected to provide at least one author’s name and the date of publication for the source of information you used. The in-text citations are just as the word suggests, used within the text to acknowledge that specific information is not the student’s original composition but a supporting piece of evidence.
Lastly, according to the APA manual of style, level 1 heading should be bold and centered, formatted using capitalization. Level 2 heading is left justified and bold, also using capitalization, whereas the rest of the titles, i.e. level 3 to 5 are slightly indented from the left margin, italicized and bold (no capitalization is required).
The first couple of times may seem complicated but with practice, you will get the hang of it and won’t even need to refer to a guide. Therefore, visit our web page for more information.